May 20, 2013

National Pick Strawberries Day

“I’ll pay you. It may be the beginning of something big. You may become a major strawberry picker.” - "On Golden Pond"

It's National Pick Strawberries Day!

This morning, appropriately enough given today's food holiday, I heard on the radio that it was officially the start of strawberry season. Perhaps in parts of the country that's true, but definitely not here in Maine. Our season starts - if the weather cooperates - at the end of June, and lasts - if the weather cooperates - a couple weeks into July. It's usually very short and sweet. But it's one of the things I love about Maine - when the season does finally start hand-painted signs in the shape of strawberries, usually with the words "U-PICK" in big white letters written across it, pop up on the side of roads throughout the state.

Up until recently, I went strawberry picking with my mom every summer. She and I were machines - we could pick LOADS in a very short amount of time. I have fond memories of she and I crouched among the rows, eating warm berries off the vine. After we were done, my mom would make strawberry-rhubarb pie and enough strawberry shortcake goo (the strawberry/sugar mash that tops the biscuit) to freeze to get us until Easter of the following year. It's a tradition I've continued!

To celebrate today, though, I allowed my rabbit to indulge - strawberries have been one of his favorite sweet treats since he was a baby. I placed some of the biggest strawberries I could find at the grocery store in front of him and let him pick which strawberry he wanted to eat for breakfast (see what I did there?). It kind of backfired though because in the end he took a bite of every strawberry laid out in front of him.

Way to celebrate hard, Boone Bunny!

Happy National Pick Strawberries Day!