June 14, 2013

National Bourbon Day

“A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he's going to get sick on it." - Lyndon B. Johnson

It's National Bourbon Day!

Many years ago when I was one of the Jack Daniel's Girls, I got to spend an entire day touring with the Old No. 7 black NASCAR car (then driven by Clint Bowyer). We were given these incredibly scandalous one piece outfits that zipped from the pelvis to the sternum. We spent the first half of the day posing near the car with fans for photographs, took a break to eat dinner, then spent the rest of the evening barhopping throughout the city to give away swag and buy people drinks. Sounds innocent enough, right? Would have been if at dinner the Jack Daniel's reps hadn't busted out the Lynchburg Lemonades® (named for the home of J.D.) for us to drink. The best way to describe these? Dangerous. After (many of) those, the drinking never stopped. Each stop we were handed something new to try by the reps. There's a lot about that night I don't remember (though, if you're ever at Foreplay on Fore Street in Portland, ME there's a picture of me and the rest of the girls with the NASCAR car), but I do remember those Lynchburg Lemonades®... so that's how I celebrated today!

Now I'm well aware that Jack Daniel's isn't a bourbon, it's a sour mash Tennessee whiskey (the difference has to do with the percentage of corn used and the filtering process [for example, J.D. filter's their product through ten feet of hard sugar maple made packed charcoal]) ... so I've substituted the Jack in their Lynchburg Lemonade® recipe for an unnamed bourbon. The resulting drink wasn't nearly as beautiful, but it'll do.

Happy National Bourbon Day!