June 18, 2013

National Cherry Tart Day

"One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste." - Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

It's National Cherry Tart Day!

I think cherries have had enough of the food holiday limelight. There are so many days associated with this particular fruit; of the ones I currently know about there's: January 3rd's "National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day" (probably my favorite of them all - then again it was the first cherry-based day I celebrated and it had chocolate), February 20th's "National Cherry Pie Day", April 23rd's "National Cherry Cheesecake Day", May 17th's "National Cherry Cobbler Day" (at this point I was officially exhausted of cherry-flavored things), May 26th's "National Cherry Dessert Day" (in case pie, cheesecake, or cobbler weren't sufficient), August 26th's "National Cherry Popsicle Day" (kid's least favorite, c'mon!), August 28th's "National Cherry Turnover Day" (yawn), and September 1st's "National Cherry Popover Day" (really?).

And today - June 17th - is dedicated to the tart.

So. Many. Cherry. Flavored. Things.

(Why didn't cough syrup get it's own day? I feel like that's thing the flavor of cherry gets most associated with!)

Tarts are usually comprised of an open-faced pastry shell filled with custard (or in this instance fruit). So I'm not entirely sure what you're seeing in the above picture; but, it says "tart", I didn't have to make it, and it's vegan... win cubed.

Happy National Cherry Tart Day!