June 11, 2013

National Corn on the Cob Day

"I have no hostility to nature, but a child's love to it. I expand and live in the warm day like corn and melons." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's National Corn on the Cob Day!

I always knew it was truly summer the day my parents would come home with a bag full of ears of corn which were grown locally. I would sit outside and help them peel back the husks, clean off the silk, and prepare for my mom to cook. Which she always did by boiling the corn in a giant pot filled with water and a little sugar (my mom says it helps make the corn more tender and, obviously, sweeter in flavor). Then we'd slather it in butter, sprinkle on some salt, and eat it typewriter style. I never knew corn on the cob any other way. It wasn't until my twenties when I started grilling my corn (which brings out this delicious roasty, caramelized flavor).

There is no clean way to really eat corn on the cob, is there? In her 1921 "Book of Etiquette, Volume 1", Lillian Eichler Watson wrote on page 32, "corn on the cob is without a doubt one of the most difficult foods to eat gracefully. And yet it is too delicious to forego the pleasure of eating it at all" (you can thanks to Google, you can read the whole book here). Well said, Ms. Watson!

Celebrating today I decided to shave the grilled corn off the cob and use it in another one of my favorite summertime dishes: potato salad (only this wasn't your average 'tater salad, as it had a Canary Island twist to it... with olives and [if you really wanted it authentic] tuna fish).

Well, hello, Summer, where you been all year?

Happy National Corn on the Cob Day!