June 7, 2013

National Doughnut Day

"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?" - Homer Simpson

It's National Doughnut Day!
(Please note: this is a floating food holiday. It occurs on the first Friday of June each year.)

In 1938 The Salvation Army created the first "National Doughnut Day". It was a way to celebrate the female volunteers - known as "lassies" - who served doughnuts to homesick troops in WWI, while raising funds and helping those in need during the Great Depression. For more information check out the Salvation Army website.

Usually to celebrate this fun food holiday a couple chains - including Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme - give away free donuts (Dunk 'Nuts with a purchase of a coffee, so can't really be considered "free"). If you're feeling so inclined - check them out. Personally, I like my do-do's made locally. I can see the faces who made them and know my money is going back into my local economy. So today, I went to a nearby mom and pop store, and bought a cup-a-joe and a chocolate sprinkled do-do (or two). I like to refer to them as my "Happy Donuts."

Ahhh... nothing tastes as sweet first thing in the morning as a little sugar-coated nostalgia!

Happy National Doughnut Day!