June 12, 2013

National Jerky Day

"Beef jerky, beef jerky, beef jerky." - John Lennon

It's National Jerky Day!

As in, "Let's go to 7-11® for a Slurpee® and some beef jerky, man"?


In 2013, Jack Link's celebrated today's food holiday by raining jerky from the sky over the Great Plains of Nebraska. No, really. They called it "Operation Sky Meat":

So... that happened.

If jerky isn't (literally) falling into your lap, nearly every store everywhere in Amur-KAH carries it. Want beef jerky? Or mechanically-separated-chicken-parts jerky? Cheese jerky? Moose, venison, alligator, goat, shark, zombie, or vegan jerky? They all exist. So, no matter what your diet - carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, or cannibal, have a...

Happy National Jerky Day!