June 5, 2013

National Ketchup Day

“You know, you really can't beat a household commodity-the ketchup bottle on the kitchen table.” - Adlai E. Stevenson

It's National Ketchup Day!

We squeeze it all over our onions rings, chicken fingers, hot dogs, and even mashed potatoes - but where does ketchup come from? According to the History Channel, a fish entrail and soybean sauce called "ge-thcup"or "koe-cheup" started appearing in southern China in 300 B.C. It spread throughout trade routes in Asia, and eventually British traders brought it back to England where they changed the recipe.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

It's funny how particular people can be about certain brands - sometimes it's because they support what a company stands for; sometimes it's because they simply love the taste of the product. For example, growing up we ONLY ever had Chi-Chi's salsa in the house because my sister refused to eat any other kind. For me, I was absolutely obsessed with Heinz Ketchup; I found all other varieties of the condiment to be watery and bland. My love for them grew when one day I was at the grocery store and saw a label that didn't say "Heinz Tomato Ketchup," but instead "Are your french fries lonely?" I remember looking around to see if I was on camera or something. Why would one solitary bottle of Heinz say that? I told my family that ketchup was talking to me; they ignored my weirdness until one day ketchup was talking to them (and apparently everyone else in Amur-KAH), too. Labels started appearing that said all manner of things like: "Warning: slow moving condiment," or "Comforts burnt hot dogs," or "Instructions: put on food," or (one of my mom's faves) "Quiet, please. Tomatoes meeting inside."

As a girl who loves sass... this won me over completely (especially their "Not green" label, which was a wisecrack at their own terrible idea of coloring ketchup). To this day, it's the only ketchup you'll ever find in my fridge!

(We stumbled into today's food holiday totally accidentally, so excuse the pretty pathetic food in tonight's photo! [Although unhealthily] at least we celebrated!)

Happy National Ketchup Day!