June 15, 2013

World Gin Day

“I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.” - WC Fields

It's World Gin Day!
(Please note: this is a floating food holiday. It usually occurs on the second or third Saturday of June each year; the folks behind it make the announcement of the exact day in early Spring.)

My parents had very few bottles of alcohol in our home growing up. I can only distinctly remember three: Mezcal (the tequila with the worm at the bottom), Johnnie Walker Black Label, and Tanqueray. One of the things I loved about having parents who traveled much of the globe (my mom did the States, my dad did parts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East) was their worldly attitudes, especially their relatively liberal views on things like alcohol (then again, the world was a different place fifteen to twenty years ago). They did an outstanding job at educating me from a very early age on everything from how beer, wine, and liquors were made, to describing the ways in which it impacted the local economies of where it was made. Because of that open, honest dialogue with them, I never saw alcohol as a "forbidden fruit". I think that's why I never really drank under-age or went on any crazy benders when I could drink legally (then again, I started working as an alcohol spokes model almost immediately after turning twenty-one; I've always kind of looked at drinking differently than everyone else, I guess).

Where is this all going?

I think I was the only twelve year old in my class who knew she hated gin. My parents let me smell it when I was sixth grade.

It smelled like pine trees.

I asked them what it tasted like.

They said it tasted like licking a pine tree.

"Why would anyone want to lick a pine tree?" I remember asking. A decade plus later and I'm still wondering the same thing!

That doesn't mean I'm not going to celebrate today (I even bought the ingredients to make an official James Bond martini, aka a "Vesper": Gordon's, vodka, Kina Lillet, and lemon peel)! World Gin Day was first created by Neil Houston of the website YetAnotherGin in 2009 as a way to celebrate and promote the juniper berry flavored spirit. In 2013 the day was taken over by Emma Stokes of Gin Monkey. To participate in this global event be sure to use the #WorldGinDay hashtag on Twitter. You can also register an event you might be holding on the World Gin Day website!

Happy World Gin Day!