July 26, 2013

National Bagelfest Day

“The battle promises to be fought with bags of bagels and bran muffins, free beer and wine, expanded legroom, baggage closets, and overhead bins.” - Ralph Blumenthal

It's National Bagelfest Day!


Doesn't matter if its pumpernickel, sunflower, sesame, asiago cheese, everything, blueberry, or onion topped with cream cheeses like chive, jalapeno, veggie, olive, sundried tomato and rosemary, or strawberry... I love them all. That hot, crunchy on the outside, doughy on the side circular carb bomb topped with silky, flavorful cream cheese just makes me happy all over.

Bagelfest was first started in July, 1986 by Murray Lender of Lender's Bagels located in Mattoon, Illinois (Bagel Capital of the World and "home of the world’s largest bagel factory") as a way to encourage more people to eat bagels. Now the 'fest has turned into a three-day long event where over 40,000 people attend, especially on Saturday morning when Lender's continues the 'fests traditional of offering a free bagel breakfast.

Before I die... I want in on that.

Happy National Bagelfest Day!