July 13, 2013

National Bean 'n Franks Day

“He is in beans, but picks peas." - a Dutch proverb

It's National Bean 'n Franks Day!

Today is the perfect day to celebrate National Baked Bean Month and National Hot Dog Month at the same time! To kick it off, let's celebrate with this incredible clip:

Hot dogs and beans are a pretty commonly eaten combination throughout the country. Whatever you call them - beans and franks or beanie weenies (it's okay if you giggled there, I did a little!) - the general concept is simple: cook sliced hot dogs in the same pot as your baked beans (or at least serve them at the same time).

Here in Maine we have traditional "bean suppers" nearly every Saturday evening; it usually involves a community feast of beans, coleslaw, pickled veg, brown bread, and hot dogs (specifically red snappers [hot dogs in a bright red casing that sort of "snap" when bitten into] in some regions of the state).

So, I am delighted that the first year I celebrated this food holiday happened to be on a Saturday... that just seems so much more appropriate to me!

Happy National Bean 'n Franks Day!