July 29, 2013

National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

“I don't want the cheese, I just want to get out of the trap." - a Spanish proverb

It's National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day!

No other food holiday sounds nearly as cool as today does... but how exactly are you supposed to celebrate it?

The general consensus across the ever reliable and entirely factual internet  is that:
1. After purchasing some cheese, you sacrifice a little by placing it in a mouse trap.

So, basically today is all about being inhumane to other sentient beings? Um, no. Sorry, meeses you don't want any of this cheeses (#becauseitmeansdeath), so let's try and figure out a better way to celebrate this food holiday, ayuh? What about...

2. You purchase some cheese (or make a meal chockablock full of the stuff) and sacrifice a little by sharing it with family or friends?
3. You make a financial sacrifice by purchasing a more expensive cheese you've been eyeing at Whole Foods for a couple years now?
4. You sacrifice your usual go-to option by purchasing an exotic cheese instead, or one that comes from a different animal (goat or sheep milk cheese is sexyfuntimes)? Or,
5. (I call this the "no-brainer option") You purchase cheese than sacrifice it by simply eating it yourself.

(I did a little of #2, #3, and #5 to make this feta, blueberry, and walnut salad!)

Now go forth and know cheese better, man.

Happy National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day!