July 29, 2013

National Chicken Wing Day

"Left wing, chicken wing, it don't make no difference to me." - Woody Guthrie

It's National Chicken Wing Day!

Can you believe that billions of chicken wings are eaten each year? So of course they deserve their own food holiday! And in 1977 Buffalo, NY mayor Stan Makowski made that a reality when he proclaimed that July 29th should forevermore be known as National Chicken Wing Day!

My family was never really big into chicken wings when I was growing up, though I do have a vivid memory of one of my friend's moms making them during the Super Bowl one year. She wouldn't let us try them because "they were too spicy." After much begging though, she relented. She was right though - after just one bite my nose began running, my eyes welled up, and my rib cage felt like it was on fire... almost sounds like my first experience with Irish whisky now that I read it out like that! It was then I knew they weren't for me (this was also during my phase where I refused to eat any food that stained my fingers or face, or the smell of which clung to my clothing and hair; as you can imagine, my diet wasn't super impressive at the time).

I'm excited for today though because I get to try a new recipe for buffalo cauliflower "wings" that just about everyone seems to be making these days (seriously, for a while they were one of the hottest - see what I did there? - pins on Pinterest). Today seemed like the perfect time to try them out! Served with blue cheese or ranch, some carrot and celery sticks, and a beer?

Oooh, babeh, bring on the orange-stained fingers!

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!