July 5, 2013

National Graham Cracker Day

“Between the graham crackers and the warm milk.” - Ron Bernstein

It's National Graham Cracker Day!

Of all the food histories, the graham cracker might just be the most entertaining. You see, these biscuit-esque treats famous for their important roll in the s'more are not as innocent as they seem. Their creation is generally attributed to Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham in the early nineteenth century who believed a strict vegetarian diet would prevent sexual immorality and masturbation, which he believed led to headaches, indigestion, epilepsy, insanity, blindness, and other illnesses. He promoted a high-fiber plant-based diet, and created something he dubbed "Graham bread" (no ego there naming the food after himself or anything) because he believed bland food and vegetables tamed our inherent sexual urges.

I think PETA would disagree:

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

Knowing what we know now about the graham cracker now, I thought this Family Guy clip was super appropriate:

Happy National Graham Cracker Day