July 31, 2013

National Jump for Jellybeans Day

“Whenever they say it can’t be done, remind them that they make a jellybean that tastes exactly like popcorn.”- John Mayer

It's National Jump for Jellybeans Day!

Today is NOT a day to contain your enthusiasm. So, if you love jellybeans, go ahead and showoff your fanaticism... run around the house, scream at the top of your lungs, and dance with joy for those itty-bitty candies!

The jellybean is commonly compared to two separate other sweets: Turkish Delight (a jellied confectionery topped with powdered sugar) and Jordan Almonds (an almond covered in a hard sugar coating). Not only are they a beloved snack of the Easter Bunny's, but our favorite foodie present, Ronald Reagan, loved jelly beans (he is known for having said, "“We can hardly start a meeting or make a decision without passing around the jar of jelly beans!"), too. Jelly Belly even created the blueberry one specifically for his presidential inauguration in 1981!

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

So what jellybean flavor makes you jump the highest?

Happy National Jump for Jellybeans Day!