July 20, 2013

National Lollipop Day

“It’s hard to be sucka-free in a world full of lollipops.” - DMX

It's National Lollipop Day!

Although the idea of sucking on something sweet has been around forever (cave folk are thought to be the first to do this with twigs and honey), at some point in history someone stepped forward to take the credit. That man? George Smith. He's (self-) credited with inventing the lollipop as we know it now (stick-in-hard-candy) in 1908; in 1931 he even trademarked the term "lollipop" (the inspiration of which came from the name of his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pop).

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

My favorite lollipop when I was younger was Chupa Chups® - my sister and I used to fight over the ice cream flavored ones! Now? I'm a huge sucker (see what I did there?) for Yummy Earth's lollipops, specifically the "Googly Grape" ones. I was put on some crazy medication a while back; my doctor told me I'd get a really dry mouth from it, and that the best way to remedy that side effect was to suck on some candy. I had bowls of Yummy Earth lollipops in every room during that time and long after, too (of course, grape was the only flavor off-limits to my visitors)!

What's your favorite brand?

Happy National Lollipop Day!