July 14, 2013

National Pick Blueberries Day

"Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb, Real sky-blue, and heavy, and ready to drum. In the cavernous pail of the first one to come! And all ripe together, not some of them green. And some of them ripe! You ought to have seen!" - Robert Frost

It's National Pick Blueberries Day!

Or is it? There's some debate as to whether today's food holiday lands on July 10th or July 14th. My opinion is always the same on matters like these: what's the harm in celebrating on both days?! Or on July 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th... actually all of July is National Blueberry Month (created in 1999 by the USDA), so really you could celebrate anytime you wanted!

And why wouldn't you want to? Blueberries - indigenous to North America - are grown in more than 35 of the 50 US states; and, we grow 90% of the worldwide highbush crop, too. They're the state fruit of Maine (where the blueberry pie is also the state dessert), New Jersey, and North Carolina, too. Not only are they one of the few foods associated with this region of the world, but they're darn good for you, too. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and they're great for vision, brain, and heart health, too!

So whether you pick a blueberry pie, a blueberry beer from a six pack, have blueberries and donuts for breakfast, or read Robert McCloskey's "Blueberries for Sal" I hope you have a healthy and ...

Happy National Pick Blueberries Day!