August 5, 2013

National Chile Pepper Day

“Generally speaking, food has to be spicier than it would be if you tasted it on the ground." - Peter Jones

It's National Chile Pepper Day!

Do you like it hot?

Your food that is.

Today is the day to celebrate those delicious eats that bring the heat. Spice up your life with a chile/chili pepper or two; after all, it's something we've been doing for thousands and thousands of years (and not just as a food source, but for medicinal reasons as well). Capsaicin, located in hot peppers, is believed to help with metabolism/digestion, arthritis pain, and even psoriasis. It's full of antioxidants, too. Although - I don't know about you - but when I'm feeling under the weather I'm more likely to reach for a blueberry smoothie than a jalapeno!

How can you celebrate today? The easiest (and cheapest) option is probably with some spicy salsa. But think outside the box! What about cheese, rice, and pinto stuffed baked poblanos (which is what we did)? Or some szechuan bean curd? You could also indulge on some bibimbap, vindaloo, or if you're feeling like something more close to home some fiery chicken wings and an ice cold beer to wash them down with.

What will you splurge on?

Happy National Chile Pepper Day!