August 27, 2013

National Pots de Crème Day

“Be prepared for entertaining at any moment. Keep the dough for scones in the freezer and ramekins with Pot de Creme in the fridge, and you are ready for anybody to drop by anytime." - Jessica Cuff of the Coffee Shop

It's National Pots de Crème Day!

Pots de Crème, which translates to "pots of cream" in French (duh, right?), is a lighter, custard-esque dessert made from eggs, cream, and milk that's poured into cups or ramekins, then baked in a water bath (which helps provide even, slow, gentler cooking in an oven so that certain products - like puddings or cheesecakes - don't crack or become rubbery in texture). The resulting creamy concoction is a bit looser in texture than a regular custard or flan is, but no less delicious (especially if it's tiramisu flavored!).

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

Happy National Pots de Crème Day!