September 23, 2013

Great American Pot Pie Day

"I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday." - Henry IV

It's Great American Pot Pie Day!

In 2002 Marie Callender's declared the first ever Great American Pot Pie Day on the first day of fall, which happened to be September 23rd that year. They believed that with cold weather, people craved heartier dishes - like pot pies - and wanted GAPP Day to be the kick-off to "pot pie season". To celebrate that first year, Marie Callender's donated 10 cents for every one of their pot pies sold on 9/23, guaranteeing a minimum donation of $15,000 to the ConAgra Foods Feeding Children Better Foundation (specifically their Kids Cafe program, which offered free meals to children).

It's believed the original idea was to make this a tradition every year on the first day of autumn, but it seems to have historically been celebrate on September 23rd instead.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

Pot pies are made with a top and bottom pie crust filled with meat (like turkey or chicken), gravy, and veg like potatoes, peas, carrots. Now, can I be totally honest with you? I don't think I've ever actually eaten chicken pot pie before today. It just wasn't something my parents ever really made for us growing up, and when I started making my own decisions I was never interested in it. Today's the day to change that, me thinks!

Marie Callender's may have been right: this is the perfect kind of food to eat when it gets cold outside!

Happy Great American Pot Pie Day!