September 27, 2013

National Chocolate Milk Day

“There’s no use crying over spilled milk unless your tears are chocolate syrup.”- Patrick Cassels

It's National Chocolate Milk Day!

I was definitely one of those kids who promised my parents I would get low-fat milk at school, but would then turn around and get chocolate milk instead (and in middle school it was accompanied with a cinnamon roll, too!). Where does this delicious drink come from if it doesn't come from chocolate cows?

We have Sir Hans Sloane to thank for this! The doctor and scientist created the delicious concoction in 1687; he even claimed it had health benefits (who knew that people would now be promoting it as a great post-work out drink?!).

My all time favorite chocolate milk - dairy or otherwise - is Earth Balance's Organic Chocolate Soymilk. I have never tasted anything so creamy or chocolaty before. And, it's the only nut-based milk I actually drink straight-up (everything else "goes into" something... my cereal, coffee, recipes, etc.). Until July I was unable to get my hands on it with regularity, because no store where I was living carried it. Now? There's always some in the fridge! You know the Spanish proverb: "a full stomach makes a happy heart."

With that organic chocolate soymilk it's not just happy... it's euphoric!

Happy National Chocolate Milk Day!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are totally my own. I purchased the product mentioned above with my own money, and in no way was asked to write this. I genuinely love Earth Balance's chocolate milk!