September 4, 2013

National Eat An Extra Dessert Day

"Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale?" - William Shakespeare

It's Eat An Extra Dessert Day!

Of all the days that people and other food bloggers who pay attention to food holidays (cheekily) say, "Isn't every day such-and-such day?", today really is something I probably celebrate a little too often. I blame this entirely on my mother. She was one of those super cool parents that frequently let my sister and I eat dessert before dinner (and sometimes after, too!).

Today is definitely up for interpretation. Does it imply you should have a second helping of dessert or two entirely different desserts? How about two desserts at the same exact time?

I'm kind of hoping tomorrow is National Run An Extra Mile Day now!

Happy Eat An Extra Dessert Day!