September 18, 2013

National Rice Krispies Treats Day

"I do whatever my rice krispies tell me to." - Unknown

It's National Rice Krispies Treats Day!

Since May I've been dreaming about hot chocolate Rice Krispies Treats. Cocoa Krispies, mini marshmallows, and hot chocolate mix swirled together then topped with a fudge icing and more mini marshmallows? YES, PLEASE. I'm one of those people who believes that when I'm craving a food, it's probably because my body needs something... in this case, for apparently four months now, it's been yearning for fat, sugar, and nostalgia.

Now, if someone could just make a batch, that would be great!

If Rice Krispies Treats have always seemed too pedestrian for, never fear! Breathing new life into the old sweet square has recently become quite fashionable. Add peanut butter, fruit, white chocolate, or check out the Mallow & Co. blog which is entirely dedicated to reinventing Rice Krispies Treats (I think I'm gonna have to make those root beer float ones next, or the midnight truffle ones, or the pistachio ones... I could probably go back and re-eat some food holidays using some of these awesome recipes!).

Happy National Rice Krispies Treats Day!