October 14, 2013

National Chocolate Covered Insects Day

“Somebody warned me early on to be very careful about brushing up against the chocolate.” - Geena Davis

It's National Chocolate Covered Insects Day!

The thought of eating a chocolate covered creepy crawly might give you the heebie jeebies - it does to me. Not to mention it's not exactly on the list of approved vegetarian or vegan foods, is it? Also... THEY'RE BUGS! Who wants to eat bugs (actually, there are many cultures that see certain bugs as delicacies...so some people do, I guess)?!

Don't worry - you can still celebrate the essence of today without actually chomping down on a cockroach, ant, scorpion, caterpillar, or butterfly. Instead you could try eating chocolate in the shape of an insect, or you could eat a grasshopper (you know, those chocolate and mint candies?). Keeping in the vein of that thought, any "grasshopper" flavored product - cake, cookies, cupcakes, shakes, ice creams - would work today.

You're welcome.

Happy National Chocolate Covered Insects Day!