October 24, 2013

National Food Day

“Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” - Cicero

It's National Food Day!

As you know, every day is a "food" day of some kind. There's a National Junk Food Day, a National Hot and Spicy Food Day, an International Hot and Spicy Food Day, a National Fast Food Day... so what makes today different?

National Food Day was created as a way to challenge Amur-KAH'ns on how they view food, how and where they purchase it, and how they choose to consume their calories. We've steadily become the number one obese country in the world, and a lot of that can be credited to the way in which we interact with food. According to the Food Day website, their priorities for today (and every day) include:

"- Promoting safer, healthier diets sans HFCS, GMO, rBGH, sugary drinks, processed and prepackaged foods, and factory farming
- Promoting sustainable and organic farms, while reforming/abolishing "factory farms" current policies, regulations, and practices
- Reducing hunger by making food more accessible
- Supporting fair working conditions for farm workers many of which live below the poverty line"

So what can you do?

Instead of purchasing produce and meat from the grocery store, consider purchasing such food stuffs at local farmers' markets (today's entire meal isn't just organic, but comes entirely from local sources) or even by joining a CSA. Attend or host a cooking or canning class. Volunteer at a community garden. If your local grocer isn't already featuring locally grown or crafted food, petition them to do so. Use your voice - it's the most powerful tool you have. Make sure you speak up and get involved via social media, too!

For more information (including opportunities to partake in Food Day events activities in your neighborhood), please check out FoodDay.org.

Happy National Food Day!