October 12, 2013

National Gumbo Day

"He’d be a great addition to our pitching staff, and if I get a chance to talk to him, maybe I’ll give him a couple of bowls of gumbo.” - Ron Guidry

It's National Gumbo Day!

Gumbo is a rich, stew-like dish that originated in Louisiana in the 18th century. Traditionally there's two versions: Cajun (can contain poultry of some kind, also uses a darker brown roux), and Creole (contains shellfish, tomatoes, and a golden roux). Both usually include the holy trinity of veg: onions, celery, and bell pepper.

Being a true New Englander, I had never made or eaten gumbo before today so instead of coming up with my own concoction, I made the tried and true "Quick Vegetarian Gumbo" from the Whole Foods Market blog (next time I make it, I'll probably leave the okra out - despite my best efforts, it still came out a bit slimy). I read somewhere once that some spicy gumbo is best served with a scoop of cold potato salad right in the center... so that's what I did.

Talk about an exceptional feast!

Happy National Gumbo Day!