October 26, 2013

National Mincemeat Day

“You fool... Away! Before I make mincemeat out of you!” - Eggman, “Sonic Adventure”

It's National Mincemeat Day!

Can't decide between eating meat or fruit (I genuinely don't think anyone has ever been caught between this sort of culinary dilemma, but in case you are...)? Then today's your day! Mincemeat originated during the medieval days as a way to preserve foods. Folks took dried raisins, apples, dates, etc. and mixed it with suet or marrow, liver, chopped meat (like mutton, goose, venison, or beef), egg yolks, and spices shoved them into a pastry crust and baked 'em.

I mean, really, who doesn't love a good ground up animal parts and dried fruit pie for dinner, eh?

Thankfully, many modern mincemeat pies (especially those sold commercially) don't contain any meat; instead, they're usually made from a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, and perhaps even a little brandy or rum, too. If you eat a plant-based diet, my own tip would be to make sure you read the ingredients of any jars of mincemeat you buy or any boxes or prepackaged stuff, because sometimes suet is still used.

Happy National Mincemeat Day!