October 25, 2013

National Sourest Day

“Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent. All must be tasted." - a Chinese proverb

It's National Sourest Day!

If you do a little research on today you'll see that there's two trains of thought about what it could be all about: today is either a "celebration" of all the sourpusses in our world (you know, those Cranky Clara's, Negative Nancy's, and Pessimistic Polly's), or it's all about enjoying those foods that make our face pucker, like citrus fruits, vinegar, pickles, and certain candies!

Personally, I like the latter of the two options! Especially if lime-flavored Sour Patch Kids are involved! (The bunny [Bad-Humored Boone], however did not appreciate them!)

While you've got a free pass today to enjoy tart fare, just make sure that your usual diet isn't too rich in sour or acidic foods (otherwise you might suffer from heart burn and/or acid reflux disease).

And that might turn you into a Grouchy Gretchen!

Happy National Sourest Day!