November 23, 2013

National Eat a Cranberry Day

“And they brought an Owl, and a useful Cart, And a pound of Rice and a Cranberry Tart." - Edward Lear, "The Jumblies"

It's National Eat a Cranberry Day!

Not to get all cliché, but of course it's National Eat a Cranberry Day! After all, it's Thanksgiving-y-time! And most families around the country (like our Pilgrim brethren did, or so food lore states) will have a bowl of the crimson stuff - jellied or chunky, homemade or store-bought (people can be very particular about how they eat their cranberry sauce) - somewhere in their smörgåsbord.

Did you know that in November of 1957 there was "The Great Cranberry Scare"? Cranberries coming from parts of the Pacific Northwest (like Oregon) had been contaminated with a weed-killer called aminotriazole which had originally been approved by the FDA. Unfortunately, after some testing, they realized that it could cause thyroid cancer. So, the tainted cranberries were recalled, many places in the country banned them... and for the first Thanksgiving ever, cranberries were not a part of many people's festivities.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

This Thanksgiving, think about going organic so you can have a...

Happy National Eat a Cranberry Day!