November 8, 2013

National Harvey Wallbanger Day

“How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?” - Dr. Who

It's National Harvey Wallbanger Day!

What happens if you take a screwdriver (orange juice and vodka) and float a little Galliano (a yellowish sweet herbal liqueur flavored with vanilla, anise, citrus, etc.) on top?

You've got yourself a Harvey Wallbanger!

Food lore suggests that the drink was created by mixologist Donato "Duke" Antone in the early 1950's in Hollywood, CA. He may have named the beverage after a surfer who drank a few too many of these cocktails after either a bad session or a loss in a competition. He got so blasted that he stumbled into the walls on his way out (potentially the stories could be unrelated, and the surfer's tale could instead be a second possibility of the drinks origination). Finally, a bartender named Bill Doner in Newport Beach, CA also takes credit for coming up with the concoction.

Like many of the great drinks of our country's history - especially those created in the former half of the twentieth century - we'll never quite know the exact details of how the Harvey Wallbanger came to be. The best thing to do?

Have a drink and don't worry about it.

Happy National Harvey Wallbanger Day!