November 29, 2013

National Rice Cake Day

"Rice is a beautiful food. It is beautiful when it grows, precision rows of sparkling green stalks shooting up to reach the hot summer sun. It is beautiful when harvested, autumn gold sheaves piled on diked, patchwork paddies. It is beautiful when, once threshed, it enters granary bins like a (flood) of tiny seed-pearls. It is beautiful when cooked by a practiced hand, pure white and sweetly fragrant." - Shizuo Tsuji

It's National Rice Cake Day!
(Please note: I don't know if this is actually a "real" food holiday, but I'm celebrating it anyway!)

I used to eat a lot of rice cakes. A sleeve of the butter-flavored ones with an ice coffee for lunch, usually!

It wasn't until recently that I rediscovered my love of rice cakes. In May, while volunteering at a youth leadership seminar, one of our junior counselors (shout out to you, Ms. Colleen!) got me hooked on rice cakes smeared with peanut butter and topped with fruit. I now eat it once or twice a week for breakfast (and sometimes sub the p.b. for homemade Nutella and blueberries... nom, nom, nom). If I'm looking for a more savory treat, I do rice cakes topped with hummus and veg. Seriously - it's an awesome vegetarian (mostly vegan and gluten-free), low-fat, low-calorie treat that doesn't make you feel like a heifer after. And post-Thanksgiving, when I'm already rocking a major food baby, that's a good thing!

Happy National Rice Cake Day!