December 20, 2013

National Fried Shrimp Day

"Next to fried foods, the South has suffered most from oratory." - Brooks Hays

It's National Fried Shrimp Day!

If National Shrimp Day and National Shrimp Scampi Day wasn't enough for you, rejoice: today we take the little marine crustaceans, a.k.a. the fruit of the sea, and deep fry 'em for an entirely new flavor profile!

But before you chow down, you should know a little more about these guys. Segue... did you know that all shrimp are born male? Some eventually mature into females. Or... if they aren't caught, some shrimp species (and there are upwards of 2,000) can live up to seven years? And what about "ghost shrimp"? Have you ever heard of them? They are very, very cool:

If you now feel a strong attachment to these interesting creatures, fear not. Sophie's Kitchen makes two separate kinds of alternative shrimp options: Breaded Vegan Shrimp and Vegan Prawns. Either would make an excellent option if you wanted to celebrate today compassionately and sustainably.

Happy National Fried Shrimp Day!