December 6, 2013

National Gazpacho Day

“I don’t care much for the gazpacho soup. I mean, where’s the fun of sending it back because it isn’t hot?" - Colleen, "30 Rock”

It's National Gazpacho Day!

Some words are just fun to say. Like "gazpacho".

Some foods are just fun to eat. Like... you guessed it... gazpacho! It's a Spanish soup from the Andalusia region that's made predominantly from tomatoes (along with veg like onions, peppers, and garlic) and served cold. Probably not the ideal food in December, but no one ever said food holiday's made sense.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

Want to experiment with your gazpacho? Try making a "green" version with produce like avocados, cucumbers, green chiles, and limes like I did today. Or even one with a watermelon-base!

Happy National Gazpacho Day!