February 23, 2016

National Toast Day

“Better bread with water than cake with trouble." - a Russian proverb

It's National Toast Day!

One of my favorite daily traditions when living in Spain was how every morning started: Sol, the mother of the family, would make us thick coffee with cream and toasted crusty baguette, salty butter, and various fruit marmalades (manzana being my favorite) for breakfast. She and I would sit at a small wooden table in the kitchen and enjoy a quiet moment together... which wasn't difficult since she only spoke Spanish and I only spoke English! There's a lot that doesn't need to be said when good food is involved, though!

I've been craving those flavor profiles lately, so I tried to recreate that meal. Unfortunately, I could only find apple butter or apple jelly, so I went with a chunky clementine marmalade instead; Earth Balance instead of real butter since we avoid dairy now as much as possible; French bread instead of baguette; coffee made in a French press instead of a seasoned stovetop percolator; and, I ate it while working at my desk instead of sitting quietly in someone else's kitchen in a foreign country.

Yes, times have certainly changed, but that doesn't mean the things we love can't evolve with us!

Happy National Toast Day!