Eat the Dinner

Eat the Dinner was born of a 365 Project (an endeavor that encourages photographers to take a daily photo for one year to help hone their craft and build their portfolios). While I've never been a photographer, I liked the concept of documenting a year like this since so much can happen in a person's life in twelve short months. Specifically, I thought it would be fun to snap a shot of myself at dinner each night since it's one of my favorite times of day — it always has been. It's when the people I love the most come together to end their day and break bread.

I liked doing it so much, I did it for five years. Snapping selfies at dinner for 1,826 days is plenty, I believe, and so it's time to move on.

Feel free to check out the video montages here:
2010 - 365 Project
2011 - 730 Project
2012 - 1096 Project
2013 - 1461 Project
2014 - 1826 Project

Thank you to everyone who participated and patiently put up with my nightly shenanigans!