Eat the State

Besides flags and mottos, every state has official symbols (which include everything from gemstones and flowers, to herbs and - yes - even dinosaurs) that represent the unique cultures, varied histories, and local, significant commodities specific to that region of the country.

One way to celebrate each state's individuality is through cuisine, though iconic foodstuffs and dishes might be a subjective topic. If you were to ask fifty people from the same state what food best represents them, you might get a dozen or more different answers. So, in my quest to Eat the State, I'll be focusing on official state foods — those which have been adopted by governments as symbolic so that the validity is irrefutable (and because if I didn't restrict this new series somehow, I might gain a million pounds). And, I'll be doing it in order of statehood, meaning Delaware's first up in January; Hawaii's last in December.

So... let's get to know this great country of ours, yeah?