Eat the Year

Eat the Year is a celebration of our country’s (and some neighboring country’s) national food and drink holidays! While not all of them are “official” (food holidays are usually created — and then promoted — by food and health organizations, public relation firms, food bloggers, and sometimes even constituents who introduce petitions to governmental bodies), all of them are fun!

In 2012 I spent the year buying, cooking, slicing, dicing, tasting, and usually enjoying the "food of the day" every day. From National Bloody Mary Day (January 1st) to National Champagne Day (December 31st), I ate the entire year. After reworking the calender, I went back in 2013 and ate some more of it! Some of it was delicious, some of it still churns my stomach, and all of it made for a great adventure.

If you're looking to appreciate the foods you love, try new foods you didn't know you would love (or had even heard of), learn more about the origin of malbec, find inspiration to throw a party based around catfish, have an excuse to eat caviar, or win trivia at your local bar because of pistachios... you've come to the right place!

I'm proud of the work I did to culminate what I think is one of the ultimate (and most accurate) food holiday lists there is. If you think any day is missing, please let me know!

Disclaimer: Almanac of Eats doesn't hold ownership of, or rights associated with, any holidays displayed here or elsewhere on this blog.